Welcome to I2Speed

On I2Speed we are offering background, hints and code for a better i2p experience, aiming at all levels of users from beginner to developer.

Detailed coverage of our advice and speed improvements, updated weekly or more frequently, if time allows:

2019-12-07 Technical Overview ready.
2019-12-06 F.A.Q. started.
2019-12-06 Released I2Speed.191206.i2p.0.9.44. Faster crypto key generation.
2019-12-03 GC tuning, Part 1
2019-12-02 Released I2Speed.191202.i2p.0.9.44
2019-12-02 I2Speed Feature Overview
2019-11-28 What makes I2Speed WiFi-friendly?
2019-11-27 First fast WiFi-friendly i2p enhancement released, details soon.
2019-11-27 Started adding our stuff to MuWire
2019-11-25 Choosing your JVM and properly configuring it
2019-11-25 Some tuning for Linux

Our To-Do list. Ideas welcome. Our F.A.Q. Questions welcome.

Contact us at i2speed@mail.i2p. Find our stuff on MuWire, now including complete commented source and a full diff against stock I2P. Steal our code!

If you like our work, enable the advanced Router Console on i2p and set unsigned updates to http://i2speed.i2p/i2pupdate.zip. Java 11 or GraalVM 19.3 required.

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